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History of UACTO

UACTO. United Aliens Council Treaty Organization.

UACTO came. No one knows when, or how. They revolutionized the universe as we know it. They came and added millions upon millions of stars and planets. They created life in 22 other star systems other than Proxima Centauri. They gave planets the needed things of life as we knowit. The life forms that were created were somewhat like the humans on Mother Earth. They then worked around Earth making sure not to harm any of it's inhabitants. Unfortunatly, they also caused Earth's ignorance, oblivious to UACTO and all it allied aliens. Unintentionally, they created blackholes and the browndwarfs. Realizing their mistake of blackholes, they used it as a prison for the evil and mislead ones who were truly twisted. Their creatures found out about the speed of light and how to surpass it long before the Theory of Relativity even occured in scientist's minds. They developed their alien's societies way before the Earth's people even got a telephone to work.

On January 1, 2000 aliesfrom 22 different star systems met up at Earth. They had been communicating with Earth for ten score and were expected. The general public didn't welcome them at first, but later accepted them. A transplanetary/solatary communications base was set up on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede.

Today, President Eurostile still exists as pres. of UACTO, being the founder of this organization. Now their organization is still cherished today still at this beautiful year of 2000, the 2ns anniverary of the aliens coming.
Letter from Eurostile/Eurthwyte:
Sumin! How many times do I have to tell you |/!_!--|NOT|--!_!\| to change the story!!!!!