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Lord, Pray resolve the conflict between N and S.



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Welcome to the UACTO Chat. Please liberate yourself, but do not use any explentatives or talk about unappropiate material. *hint hint* With all due respect~ TALK!

UACTO Message
Here is the UACTO Message board. You can post your opinion on how UACTO has a terrible leader (and because of this leader, this eyesore site... ^_~) or on most anything. What I said goes for this too! (above)



Just yesterday, UACTO was... kinda demolished. In a final attempt to resolve a conflict, the UACTO members all resigned, leaving no one in UACTO. There was no president, no owner, no cheif advisor, no communications officer, not even a hamburger flipper. Now the Former President of UACTO, Eurostile Eu..., is thinking about starting a new club, but is seriously doubting if it will develope as far as UACTO was. At a press meeting last night, Mr. President Eurostile Remarked,"We must have the conflict between Dr. Winden Winters and Nurse Trisana Beckwell to be resolved, a in the 3 worlds: Real Time, NW Time, and Universal Time. We need this under control, and right now, we have as much control over the situation as a baby has of the rate that a black hole sucks in matter/anti-matter." Mr. President Magers noted after Eurostile spoke," I agree with him, but I don't think this is all about the 2 med personnel. I think that there is some internal conflict that I don't know about. Recently, I have noticed some unknown tension building between Winden, Sutml, Mr. President Eurostile, and Mr. Owner Mongoose. It seems to me that we have formed two sides with myself trapped in the middle, hearing both calling for me." Both Presidents made clear that a new club, organization, or group is out of the question.

Universal Star Date: 2000.2.2
... Yes, Sutml! You finally did log back on. OK. People! Please sign up for Tripod membership(it's free) so you can chat and use our message board. Do NOT do this if you are a UACTO member... that means... everyone who reads this site. I will distribute your username, and you get to use that 6 digit # you told me as your password. I know this sounds odd, but I have your passwords written down! PLEASE DON'T SHOUT AT ME! Just ask me when you need it. Also, Sutml? Please do the dates in Universal Code! It is standardized, and you know that! Mr. Mongoose? I will teach you how to do universal star dates if you havn't figured out how, yet. Mr. Mongoose, E-mail me and tell me what you think of the site. Oh, yeah! Did you see the sale going on at the Spiralian Galaxy Furniture Warehouse? They had a nice couch that I think your wife would like. I think... about |400|, I think. OK! This message is for everyone! Mr. Mongoose, UACTO's owner, head choral director, head song writer, logo committee choser, official writer, and Website Advisor has just finished compiling the UACTO Story. He has finally gotten all of his expeiriences down on that thing earthlings call... what was it again? Camphor? well... that thing they write on.. with pencils... is it called camphor... or is that the smelly stuff? I think it is Paperus.. wait... that was the egyptians... Oh, Well! We will worry about that another time. Disguised as Earthlings, Sutml, Winden, Mongoose, Viperkon, Spanky, Axerlium, Daniel, and a few others, joined in the CJHS Science fair. Some of us got 6th to 1st place! I take that back... MOST of us got 4th to 1st place! I take that back! Almost ALL of us got 4th to 1st place! Well, good luck Sutml on the password box for the member area! See everyone at the morning meeting! Sincerely, Eurostile E. E. E. E. 1/31/00

I am back on the scene! I've cleaned up all this garbage and have taken those space-taking-up images off! Don't you agree that this site looks a little better now? I mean, goarsh, what a mess!

I wasn't very happy with "if you know html, please e-mail us so you can help us" thing! HELLO?!?!?! I HAVE A LIFE! I HAVE ANOTHER WEBSITE!!! I AM REARRANGING AND REDESIGNING IT!!! HELLO?!?!

And he goes and gets a counter that isn't very accurate, goes and gets a messy guestbook, a weird forum and chat room... geesh! (no 'ffense, but I'm really steamed!) All those images should not have been here! I had a perfectly good (didn't take much space either...) banner! And he goes with his fancy Adobe and messes the look...

I'll try to make navigation a little easier.

And another thing. DID YOU SEE THOSE BANNERS OF HIS SITE?!?!?! I put a small, humble banner of my site, and he goes beserk! It was nice to look at and didn't stand out. But then he turns around and puts his site banners all over this page!!! WHO TOLD HIM HOW TO PUT IMAGES ON HERE?!?!?! ME!!! AND HE DOES THIS?!?!?!? I am sooo mad...



Mongoose purchases UACTO!

Just earlier, UACTO and Mongoose came to an agreement. UACTO will be owned by former UACTO member Mongoose. (Sorry, this offer is only to ex-Mongoose. Do not get any ideas. Why we did this, I don't know. Geesh...) Mr. Mongoose is also know as Vice-Preisident's Husband and Head Choral Director, because of his perfect voice. When he received his titles, he remarked, "I want to do the best for UACTO. I wouldn't mind owning.. about 2,000 stars, or so. I'm going to discover a new species and name them the 'Zachimonians: People of the Land.' I will have to say, though... you people have a very "CUTE" Vice-President!"

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Sir Eurostile- Emporer*, Official UACTO Sage, and Webmaster at
Lady Sutml- Chief Advisor; Webmistress at
Lady Winden- Head of Science and History Depart. at
Good Lady Lylas- Attorney Specific at
Baby Nabi Stars- Vice-President at
Harley- Not known/decided at
Mr. Mongoose- Owner of UACTO at

*Emporer- Takes Over Command of UACTO during time of war. (AKA Commander in cheif)

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