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gAPLO Info(little g)
Hall of Fame

Welcome to the all new UACTO Headquarters! I, Eurostile, the president of UACTO, will guide you through this site. If you are one of the "unnamed ones", in other words, if you are an "outcast", in other words, if you are a "GAPKO member", plesae leave immediately. That's you, Kimberly T., William, and Samantha... If you aren't one of those three, please feel free to see our full fledged war against the "unnamed ones".


Hi! I'm Sutml, co-webmistress of UACTO Headquarters! I hold the secratary and treasurer offices. But don't let that think lowly about me... I'm President Eurostile's equal or even superior! *Sorry, Euro, I couldn't resist! ^_~* Anyway, I'll help run this site and clean it up so it won't be an eyesore. *No 'ffense, Euro, but, hey- you can't do a one-man show!* Goarsh, we all have lives! If you wanna know more about me, I'll put up a member profile section up soon, so just wait. Computers weren't created in a day! ^_^

Yours truly,

Thank you,
UACTO President Eurostile and Sutml,
co-webmaster and co-webmistress of the UACTO Universe

Hey! Ok! After you read the letters of introductions, you should have a better Idea of who you are dealing with. We will soon have a member profile
section up, just like Lady Sutml said. Sutml and I will often refer to
other as "S" for Lady Sutml, and "J" for myself. My supirior(sp) will often
insult me, but she means no harm and is just joking... most of the time.
Please Bookmark this page, put it on your favorites, come back often, and
PLEASE, PLEASE sign my guestbook!


Ha! Joking? I think not... ^_~ I have not proofed any of the paragraph above, the spelling and capilization is just atrocious, the html too... *I pride myself on html, sorry, J!* I make up a lot of new words, can you tell? Anyway, I am NOT LADY Sutml, just Sutml, get the picture? I should warn you though, I am prone to be sarcastic and use big words... But Euro's right, I do refer to him as J. J has a very big ego, don't you think so? He thinks he's a pundit. He is in a way, but not really in some matters! ^_~ j/jk He's a really nice guy and as you can tell, we tend to bicker and snarl a bit and poke fun at each other. I admit, I've got unessesary pride and he has a BIG ego, someone needs to be his alter-ego... Funny isn't it?

P.S.- It's not a guestbook, J! It's called a Slambook. If you wanna see a real guestbook, go to my site, Sumin's Haven!

Sutml ^_^

Ok! We never agreed to putting our personal sites on here, "S"! Well, I'm not going to put my site on, yet, because of an ""quote,qoute,"INTERNAL", /quote, /quote,"" Error. The pictures won't show. I'll get my site fixed by deleting all the pages and asking S how to put the pictures on correctly. I even had a link to SUTML's Site! It had nice graphics, too!

P.S. S, you may leave your site's link there.(above).

HAH! YOU 1ST PUT MY SITE ON THIS SITE AND YOU GO AND TURN AROUND AND TELL ME I CAN'T PUT MY OWN SITE ON!!! YOU didn't even have a proper link for it! Shame, shame...

I don't have time for all these mistakes, Euro. Do you think I'm going to do that? I am not your mother! Thankfully! ^_~ j/jk

I almost blew up when I saw my profile! Ho ho! I will do your profile for you, you betcha! ^_^ I may use a lot of keyboarding signs, but blayh! I could beat you in any html contest! You wanna see?

Now, since I got that out of my system... I did update the profiles. But he's so stingy with them, he won't give them to me! j/jk He only did one, and a false one too. Goarsh, males, will they ever learn? ^_~ No 'ffense!

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