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Mongoose Buys UACTO

Just earlier, Mongoose bought out UACTO. Now owner of UACTO, He gets his own website. He also gets to be called sir by the UACTO members, except for me. I refer to him by his real name. Mr. Mongoose is also know as Attorney General's Husband and Head Choral Director, because of his perfect voice. When he received his titles, he remarked, "I want to do the best for UACTO. I wouldn't mind owning.. about 2,000 stars, or so. I'm going to discover a new species and name them the 'Zachimonians: People of the Land.' I will have to say, though... you people have a very "CUTE" Attorney General!"

WAR, again...

Eurostile E. E. E. E. Resignes from Presidency... AGAIN.

Eurostile now holds the position of Vice-President, Commander-in-Cheif of War, the Official UACTO Sage, etc. The president is now Pres. Daniel Magers, though Mr. Eurthwyte has the power to jump back into presidency if war springs up again. The main thing now is to stick Mongoose in UACTO, Make a new Universe map, Give all the members a planet, give all members identities, and putting a password area in the Member's Area. Pleasestay tuned for more updates.